Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Mash Grill, Haddows Road

I have been wanting to tryout Mash at Haddows Road for quite sometime . One of my friends  wanted to meet me for lunch.So I did some brainwashing to convince him that we would meet at Mash on Haddows Road. I was tempted to go to Mash after seeing their ads on Terrific Trio. Anyways we decided to meet up around 12 noon at Mash.

But on reaching Mash I hit a hurdle. The parking lot at Mash was full, actually only three to four cars could be parked there. You get the picture. On top of that, the police were doing their rounds in and around KNK Road with wheel locks.  So this sent me  making three to four rounds in and around the road, hunting for a place to park my car. Finally I was fed up at not finding a place to park the vehicle and so parked it in front of the restaurant and handed the keys to my friend's driver who parked it eventually once a slot cleared up.

Finally I got myself seated in the restaurant. Our friendly waiter handed us the menu and didn't inform us about the Terrific Trio Offer and my brain was so tired after trying to get a parking slot that I forgot to inquire about it. Anyways, leaving that aside, everything was great.

We went about ordering a steak and a drink each, and as an after thought we ordered a starter. The starter which I cant recollect the name was made in lemon juice and garlic paste. It tasted fabulous. The lemon marinated chicken just tasted awesome with coleslaw and mayo. The chicken felt like it was bathed with lemon. It was tender and well made. I settled in for a Mocha-chino thanks to my sore throat and my friend for a Hot Chocolate. Both the hot drinks tasted good but not as great as a coffee shops which we are used to.

After bit of chatting and a bit of eating and also some drinking later our Steaks arrived. I went in for a Fillet of Fish Steak and my friend got himself double marinated Chicken Sizzler. The Fish Steak tasted brilliant with the thousand island or something similar to its sauce. With a drizzle of the lime on it, it tasted even better. I did not get any of the fishy smell in it. I loved it. Would recommend it to my brother who's a big Fish steak fan. I had a taste of the chicken sizzler also and it tasted brilliant as well. Somehow the sizzler reminded me of the sizzler which you get at tangerine. All in all, I loved the food here.I got a parcel for my sister in law at home as well. The food for two plus a take away costed us Rs 1500/-, which I felt was similar to Tangerine.

Food - 8/10
Service - 7/10 (Waiter dude could have informed me about the offers)
Ambiance - 8/10
Price - 8/10

Mash Grill is located in Haddows Road near Passport Office.

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